Who Wants To Be In My New Book?

Every so often I run across a story of true selflessness. These are stories about people who go above and beyond to “do the right thing,” even though for many reasons it doesn’t make sense.

You all know the kind of story I am talking about. Someone sees an opportunity to help someone or something, and despite the risks to his or her own well being, reputation or personal safety, they plow ahead and do it anyway.

My next book is tentatively titled There’s Less Traffic on the High Road and it will be filled with stories like this – stories of risk, reward, noble kindness and ultimately human triumph. I have several tales ready to tell, but this is where I need your help.


Miles on the “high road” can be lonely

Do you have a story like this? It can be about you, someone in your family or even just one you heard from someone else. I am looking for stories somewhere between someone “helping a turtle across a busy road” and “Schindler’s List.”

All I ask is you have some reasonable belief of the story’s truthfulness.

Here’s the best part – you don’t have to write a thing. All you have to do is agree to get on the phone or meet in person to tell me the story. As the writer, all the writing is my job.

When the book is published, your name can be included alongside your story, in the acknowledgements, or not at all. The names and locations in your story can be accurate, changed slightly or completely transformed for anonymity. In the end, the provider of each story will get a chance to read and comment on the final draft. Of course every contributor will receive an advance copy of the book, signed by yours truly.


Want to be in a book and not write a thing? Here’s your chance.

I will be up front about the fact that this is a book, I am a writer, and I will be applying my craft to the stories provided. Think of it like this… the stories I collect will be like a photograph given to a painter. The final piece will pay homage to, and be inspired by, the original, but will by itself be a separate work of art. You will be able to recognize it for sure, but it might look a tad different.

So, the time has come for you to rack your brain and look into the recesses of your memory and heart. Shoot me an email at steve@stevenazarian.com or, comment below, or hit me up on Facebook, or pick up your phone and call or text me at 585-975-9445. At this point all I need to know is you have a story. There is plenty of time to arrange a conversation and I can’t wait to here what you all have to say.

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