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This post is the fifth in a series called “500 Words To Save The World.” Each day I will use just 500 words to address a problem that has been bugging you or me. If you want to get in on the conversation, tell me the problem you’d like discussed in the comments section of this post, or email me directly at steve@stevenazarian.com. You may start counting words… now!


When I requested “problems to be solved” last week, I expected some Jackwagon to ask for “world peace.” One of my readers came through within the first hour. Then, the day after the Grammy’s someone asked when I was going to address the antics of Kanye West, I replied, “too easy, not doing it.”

If Kanye is too easy, what is appropriately challenging? The siren song of the Jackwagon rang out loud and clear.

Most people (save a handful of despots) want world peace. This elusive state where nations are not at war with each other (or with themselves) has never happened in human history, and it won’t until we use the one weapon that can deliver it.

That weapon, is love.


Love exists in more forms than I could describe in 50,000 words, let alone 500, so I’m not going to try. And before you all get your dander up and tell me that there is evil in the world that must be vanquished not loved, please just read to the end.

This is Bob

This is Bob.

My friend Bob Goff is an attorney, a best selling author and a man of more creative energy than I have ever witnessed in a single human.

Bob is also Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda to the United States. His organization Restore International does human rights and educational work in Uganda, India and Somalia.

In early 2013, Bob and Restore International set out to try and solve Uganda’s problem with child trafficking and ritualistic sacrifices. Witch doctors and traditional healers are a shunned part of society because of these activities, but paradoxically, the strong underground demand for their services is a horrific cultural reality.

A witch doctor that deals in human trafficking and child sacrifice is certainly as evil as any other threat we face as a people.


They started a school for witch doctors and traditional healers to teach them basic literacy skills and, “unify the group into a community of people who fight strongly and bravely against any form of trafficking, are educated about the laws, and empowered to report crimes.”

The results have been astonishing.


In October of 2013, the school issued 47 literacy certificates. This group is now united for love and justice. Where they once turned a blind eye, or worse, they are reporting crimes and discussing how to improve the safety of all children.

The first graduating class of witch doctors & traditional healers

The first graduating class of witch doctors & traditional healers (there’s Bob in the middle)


These people were doing evil things, not because they were evil, but because they had no other options. Bob saw this, and mustered enough love to provide them with what they needed to turn from child threats, to child advocates.

I’m not big fan of peas (whirled or otherwise), I never have been. Love on the other hand is something I can get on board with. Make no mistake; love is the foundation of the strategy, not the tactics – any parent of a teenager can tell you that.

There have been many weapons in the history of warfare…
and the greatest of these, is love.


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