A Few Things Everyone Should Know About: Cars

Two months ago, I began writing for a very popular website called The Good Men Project. My submissions have met with some success, but with their millions of readers, I was hoping for a little more traction.

I took some time, and did a little soul searching on how I could… do what I do, but at the same time rise above the noise. As is my custom, I came up with a clever approach and below you can see the result.

Since the website on which these pieces are initially published is The Good MEN Project, the series titles are man focused, but the information is useful for men, women, and everything in between.

Welcome to the first episode of “A Few Things Every Man Should Know About:” Every week this series will cover 3-4 interesting facts on a single topic.

No matter what you think you know – take a few minutes and have a look, you just might learn something. Even if you don’t, you’ll at least confirm that you already know a lot, which is always good for the ego. In the comments section, tell us topics you’d like to see covered. We have several in the queue, but your suggestions are welcome. If you have info to add, please share that too.  This series is meant to start conversations, not just be a pile of facts.

We started out with a common topic… Cars. So, sit back, click play and prepare to learn a few new things about your automobile. We look forward to seeing you back here next week.



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