The Terrible Twos

Yesterday my blog turned two. As I thought about the meaning of such an event, I was reminded of each of my children entering their respective third years of life.

Thoughts of the “terrible twos” made me both smile and cringe, but the more I mused on the similarities between what I have been doing and the growth of a child, the more excited I became about the year ahead.

Newborns are great, but they require a great deal of attention, and if we’re honest with ourselves, parents of newborns (at least the first time out), have no clue what they are doing. All they can do is struggle to keep the little bugger alive, safe and happy, with varying degrees of success.

At the six month mark things are better. Parents begin to settle into a routine, babies sleep through the night and it looks like things might be okay… until it starts to walk.

Once a child starts to move on its own power everything changes. You must baby-proof your house and keep a constant eye on the mobile little monster.

Then they start talking.

At first the little noises are cute and when the first words come it is a revelation, but then a tipping point occurs and they seem to be talking constantly – even in their sleep.

Every one of these events is a stepping stone towards the title of this piece – The Terrible Twos.

The third year of life is when a growing human begins to develop a distinct personality, push boundaries, and test the limits of everything in every direction. Terrible on a daily basis, but completely necessary for proper development.

My writing has followed the human growth process to a degree, but now we are at the Terrible Twos, I feel the correlation will be even stronger.

From the beginning two years ago yesterday, I have written close to a quarter-million words through nearly 200 posts. Fifty-three of those compositions became my first book The Penny Collector.

As I look ahead at the beginning of year three, I have a lot of interesting ideas.


The author at two – personality indeed!

I plan on developing my personality further, and boundary pushing will be the norm, not the exception. In fact the first real piece of this new era is nothing like those that came before it. I will be posting it later this week and I can’t wait to see your reactions.

Thank you all for your support over the past twenty-four months. Like I said in my very first post… I’m just getting warmed up.

Copyright © 2016 – Stephen S. Nazarian – All rights reserved.

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