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As most of you know, just after Christmas last year, we moved from Rochester, NY to Charlotte NC. The primary impetus for the move was my wife’s work. With that as an anchor, we have had to make many changes, adaptations and adjustments as a family.

A few months into our new life here in NC, I was looking around for something beyond work, house and family. I discovered a little group called Charlotte Storytellers and I began attending their weekly meetings.

Every meeting is a combination of friendship, fellowship, sharing, improv-type exercises & games and (as you might expect) storytelling. 2-3 times a year, they put on a showcase where a handful of folks are selected to develop and present stories to an audience. In the most recent iteration of the showcase I was chosen to develop and perform the story in the video below.

Many of you know the basis of the story as is appears in my book, however the process of taking from the page to the stage is fairly involved and as you will see… transformative.

So, enjoy the story, and whenever you are given the chance to tell your own story… please do.

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