A Dollar Per Thousand

1991 was a big year in the Nazarian family. In May, I graduated from Lehigh with a B.A. in English & theatre, and my big brother Doug graduated from Duke Law School. If that wasn’t enough in August of the same year, Doug was getting married to Jeanette, his wife of now nearly 23 years.

The graduations went off without a hitch and when August arrived, so did the wedding.

After their honeymoon on Cape Cod, my brother and his new bride stopped over in Rochester, on their way to their new life in St. Paul Minnesota. We helped them load up a U-Haul truck with all kinds of family cast-offs including a faded, pale blue, velvet couch from the 1970s, and the 19” TV we had grown tired of smacking when it would flip-flip-flip for the first thirty minutes it was on. […]