Last week my daughter Charlotte asked if we could sign up for the 3-Month free trial of Apple Music. The first few times she asked, I put her off, but since teenagers are as persistent as they are moody, she kept asking and ultimately I acquiesced.

If you’re unfamiliar, Apple Music is Apple’s streaming service that (for a fee) allows you to play every album ever recorded by anyone ever, except for Taylor Swift and Adelle.

I’m not kidding about that last part – CLICK HERE to read all about it.

So, since last Wednesday, little by little I have been revisiting albums I haven’t listened to since I had them on cassette or vinyl – and it has been an amazing experience.

Time for a mental remix…

We all know that music is second only to smells in triggering memories, so when you go back and listen to long-forgotten music, get ready for a flood of nostalgia that will get your “inner yearbook” humming.

One of the musical memories I chose to spin up was an album of Phil Collins remixes I bought in a record store in West Berlin, summer 1985. In addition to enjoying the music, I found myself swimming in all the memories of my trip to Germany with fifteen other Penfield Chiefs.

12ersSM remix

I wrote about that trip a while back and it is a story worth revisiting if you haven’t read it. It is called Fate Appreciates Irony – click and read, you won’t be disappointed.

Beyond that, as we enter this Holiday Season, I recommend you sign up for the three-month free trial of Apple Music and strap into your own personal musical Wayback Machine. Our lives can feel like a bit of a grind sometimes (like on the Monday after a four-day weekend) so spin up a little remix, you’ll be dancing before you know it.

wayback84 remix

You’ll know you’ve succeeded when the teenager who started it all, rolls her eyes and openly regrets her Apple Music suggestion.

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2 thoughts on “Remix

  • Well as long as it’s free for a period of time for you Steve, look up my son’s music.

    His performing name is Post Malone and his big song is White Iverson.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not what you listen to but your kids may be familiar. Warning, explicit lyrics.

    Even if you don’t, I still really enjoy your blogs. Keep up the good work.

    Your old PHS friend,


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