For The Love Of Eggplant

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I like to cook. I do the vast majority of the cooking for our family and I have even been known to cater a party for more than 100 people from time to time.

Keeping the bellies of four teenagers full is no small task.

Not a day goes by without someone crying, “There is nothing to eat in this house!”

This is often within minutes of a full meal ending. I just walk away, finally understanding how Sisyphus felt.


In addition to the challenge of feeding ravenous teens, it turns out the adults in our house (both of us) have become afflicted with something I will compassionately call “diminished metabolism.”

So, I have recently begun cooking for what might seem like diametrically opposed audiences: those that desire unlimited calories and those that, um, well, don’t. One of the things I came up with is a very simple recipe for Eggplant Parmesan that is rich, meaty (without meat), and low in both calories and carbs.

Here is a little video, showing you exactly how easy such cooking can be. The example uses one eggplant and creates two servings, but the recipe is infinitely scalable. You are limited only by the size of the baking dish and your oven. The precise ratios are just below the video. Enjoy!


  • One Eggplant
  • 1 Cup Crushed Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Cup Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • Basil (dried or fresh)
  • Garlic (powder or fresh)

Every eggplant produces 2 servings that are 195 calories each, with a total carb count of 9 grams.

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