How To Build A Book

Howdy Folks,

As I have been telling you, I am in the middle of editing the more than 100,000 words I’ve written on the blog into a book.  Of course I’ve never done this before so I am making it up as  I go along.

Below you will see my dining room table filled with cards.  Each card represents one of my blog posts.  There are seventy-nine of them.

My plan is to pick about forty of them for the book and add an additional dozen or so of new pieces that none of you have ever seen.  Once I’ve selected the stories that “make the cut” I will begin the process of editing each into a more book friendly format.  Then I have to order them properly and deal with the fact that much of the imagery I’ve used is fine for the web, but not so cool in a book.  I’m going to have to take some pictures.

This may sound like drudgery to many of you, but to be honest I’m having a ball.  Going back and re-reading things I wrote months ago has been fun, and as I do so I am coming up with all kinds of enhancements and new ideas for each story.

So, every so often I will be issuing updates like this and I hope you find them even just a little bit interesting.

Until the next update…

My world for the next several weeks.

My world for the next several weeks.



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