I Did Not Get To “Come On Down!”

A few weeks ago I attended an event at WNYC (New York City’s NPR station) sponsored by the Freakonomics organization.  It was a game show of sorts called Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, and having applied, I was excited to have been chosen as a contestant.

As the day of the event drew closer, they revealed more information about how things would work, and it was at this point that I learned it was going to be more of a “Price Is Right” format. By this I mean that they vetted several contestants, but only a few would be chosen to come on stage.

When all was said and done, I was not chosen to present what I had prepared.  However in the second “lightning round” of the game I was able to stand up and contribute a small tidbit to the program.  In the player below, I appear at 45:17.

Well, this morning the podcast from the event was posted. And you can listen to the whole thing here.

Although It would have been great to participate more fully, it was a fun experience none the less and I still love listening to their podscasts, which are downloaded by 5 million people every month.

How often do you hear about a contest, an opportunity, or an event and think to yourself “hey I should do that,” but then you spend the next five minutes enumerating all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t?  Well, stop it!

If your gut says to go for it, who are you to argue?

Sure you might make an ass of yourself like I did in Confessions Of A Game Show Contestant, but if you don’t try… all you’ll be left with is the fuzzy, dull taste of regret in your mouth.

As a writer, I can tell you for sure that the stories of people NOT going for it are really dull and not worth telling.  That doesn’t sound like you, does it?

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