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My day job is in the video/film industry.  Even though there is little actual film left in our business, there is an expression that has endured from the all-film days.  To say something is “in the can” is not to say that grandpa needs some alone time with the newspaper in the powder room.  In fact “in the can,” in the film industry, means that everything being shot on that particular reel of film is done being shot, and the reel has been placed in a light-safe protective metal canister for processing and editing.

Last week I started a series called “500 Words To Save The World.”  The goal was to identify ten different problems, and offer a solution for each in exactly 500 words.  For my regular readers, you know that I rarely can make my point in so few words; in fact I’ve never done it… until now.  It has been an exercise in precision and ruthless editing.

Four of the ten 500 word pieces are now “in the can,” and I am working on a biggie for tomorrow.  In fact it may be the greatest problem never solved.

I will solve it with one word… plus 499 others in support.


Until tomorrow, I encourage you to read, revisit, share and forward any of the four already resting comfortably in their metaphorical film canisters.  Here they are:

500 Words To Save The World

Toddler Empathy

Unemployment Moneyball

Knock Knock!

Five Things You Can Fix Yourself!


Early tomorrow morning I will be posting the 500 word piece I alluded to above, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think.


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