End Of An Era

Yesterday, as I drove to pick up my daughter from Penfield High School, I noticed something. More specifically I noticed the absence of something.

A building that over the years (as far as I can remember it) had been home to:

  • A hair salon
  • Pen-Deli
  • Raisman’s Ice Cream & Sandwiches
  • Penfield Pizzeria
  • Some kind of gourmet takeout
  • Mark’s Pizzeria (for at least the last decade)

had gone to the great beyond. Where once was a structure that produced countless memories of my youth, as well as those of enumerable other Penfield-raised humans, was now a lumpy pile of dirt.

I wrote a story called “Good Boys Don’t Look In The Bag” (which ended up being Chapter 9 of my book) that took place in the now demolished building. So, as an homage to what used to be, I give you a PDF of that story, Chapter 9, for your reading pleasure.



The new building (left) dwarfs the old building (right). Farewell 2107 Five Mile Line Rd- you had a great run.

The new building (left) dwarfs the now demolished building (right).  Farewell 2107 Five Mile Line Rd. – you had a great run.


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2 thoughts on “End Of An Era

  • it is very sad what the Town of Penfield and it’s traitor supervisor allowed in the demolition of the 5th oldest commercial building in the town of Penfield—-Tony Fountain should be hung out to dry——he is a sham—–when I owned those buildings, it was he who gave me a rough time when I wanted and did preserve them, he was on the board of zoning at the time—he is a true fake

  • btw, it was 2115 Five Mile Line Road which was the historical bulding—it was used during the Civil Wr as an underground slave hiding place AND was the first Penfield Post Office—-What a shame !!!

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