November 8, 2017

Corporate Storytelling


Steve the Storyteller doing his thing on stage in Charlotte, NC

Corporate Storytelling Services

Your company probably has a shelf of standards documents from logo usage to social media behavior… but is the story of your company documented anywhere?

In recent years, the practice of Storytelling has finally gained the attention it deserves as the most effective mechanism for communicating with people at the deepest levels. Everything your company does, builds, sells or delivers has its foundation in the story of how you got to where you are today.

Do you ever feel like some of your employees, vendors or customers don’t really understand what your company is about? If they only knew the whole story… Of course for the story to be read, it must first be written.

Having your corporate story formally documented has many benefits:

  • Comprehensive starting point for new hires, providing perspective and history they otherwise wouldn’t know
  • Deeper background material to enhance RFPs
  • A reference point for all employees to be used in decision making of any kind
  • A singular, foundational document that keeps all employees, vendors, partners and customers on the same page
  • A comprehensive catalog of both success (to be leveraged) and failures (to learn from)

With more than four decades of storytelling, coupled with a quarter century of business experience, I am uniquely qualified to help your company get your story written.

From a simple, single-product story, to a comprehensive full-historical tome, bringing a professional storyteller in to codify where you’ve been is one of the very best ways to better focus on where you should be going.

Furthermore, the stories of your company’s leaders can be incredibly powerful tools. The people who have risen to positions or prominence in your company have likely done so via an interesting story. Ditch the basic bios and introduce your people to the world… through their personal, individual, powerful stories.

If you believe your company could benefit from a better telling of its story, just fill out the form below and let’s have a conversation. Some say, “Talk is cheap,” but in this case it is absolutely free. Fill out the form, let’s chat and see where the story of your company can take you. I can’t wait to hear it!

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