March 8, 2014

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My name is Steve and I’m a problem solver.  I am the bridge between things technical, things practical, things verbal and all things imaginable. The Penny Collector is all about creative and unconventional solutions to the problems and challenges we face every day.  Problem solving can be a messy business, so, read up, dig in and get ready to get dirty.  I’m here to tell my stories, but I want to hear your stories too.  This is problem-solving and fresh idea community.


A few quick stats:

  • Education – BA English/theatre – Lehigh University
  • Wife – 1, Emily
  • Children – 4, Charlotte, Lewis, Oliver, Lawrence
  • Dog – (current) Nellie
  • Resident of – Western North Carolina
  • Baseball Team – Red Sox

Those are the stats, here are the fun facts:

  • I have held many roles in as many industries, but I have always been the guy who sits on the fence between techies (scientists, engineers, programmers), and English speakers (everyone else) and make sure they all get along
  • I have always been able to sell anything to anyone
  • I have a very keen sense for what is possible – not necessarily exact execution plans, but I can tell you quickly if something CAN be done – after that, the only limits are time and money
  • I have a comprehensive wood shop in my basement where I design and build furniture, loudspeakers, school projects with my kids, and things my wife wants
  • I am a middle child – I truly believe they are different…in a good way
  • I am a big-picture thinker and I can often see a wider landscape than others, in many dimensions
  • I have more ideas in a day than I could execute in a decade
  • I love cars: driving them, reading about them and working on them (especially my 1984 convertible)
  • I am an extrovert, I love to cook, be funny, listen to music of all kinds, and be around people
  • I have something called Number-Form Synesthesia – look it up, it’s pretty strange
  • I am unapologetically enthusiastic about every part of my life, so if you ask me “how was your evening/weekend?” you should expect a complete answer

I would love to hear from you or meet with you!

You are always encouraged to comment on anything you find here at

I also have some availability for speaking and facilitation engagements.  If your company or organization could use a boost in creative problem solving, I promise you having me speak and/or run a workshop will be both highly entertaining and valuable. I will soon be adding a section to the website with video of me speaking and more details on how I work, but until then, just send me an email and we can talk more about it!

If you would like to contact me directly, click on the email link at the bottom of every page or fill out the form at the bottom of the home page. Heck, if you’re in a hurry, you can even call me.  Scroll down, my cell number is right there.



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  • Hi, I have been hunting the story about Porkchops and applesauce in the elementary school textbook.. so far I have bought “Ten times around” not in there, and just received “The Dog Next Door and other stories” and sadly not in there either.. any other ideas of what textbook might contain this story and where to find it? Thanks so much!

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