Come With Me On A Quest

Okay. I know I’ve been a little quiet, but I assure you it is not due to laziness, apathy, nor seasonal affective disorder. In fact, I have been quite busy working on something new… a quest if you will.

Many of you know I have been active with Live Storytelling here in Charlotte NC for almost two years. This has led to many new friendships and a good number of creative opportunities including live radio plays, improv, short films and podcasts. This past summer I “acted” in a fictional serial podcast about the inevitable zombie apocalypse – you can read about and listen to that here.

In December a friend told me about a contest being sponsored by our local NPR station, WFAE. The contest is called The Queen City PodQuest and in short, they were crowd sourcing ideas for their next podcast.

Only a week before, I had a conversation with a fellow storyteller about an idea she had, and this seemed to be the perfect vehicle/platform for giving it a go. An email was sent, an idea was born, and within a week and all-star team had been assembled.


The “Work It” team of yours truly, Stephanie Hale, Jill Bjers & Kevin Young.

We quickly got to work, fine tuned our concept and started creating. The result is actually pretty amazing. Read on you’ll see what I mean.

So, here’s the deal… we need your votes!

Unfortunately, the quality of what we’ve done doesn’t really play into the first round… it is a pure popularity contest. So, click on the giant yellow square and vote for the Work It podcast. There’s a video you can watch and a “teaser” episode you can listen to, but most importantly… VOTE and spread the word.

The NPR station is using a system that requires a Facebook account. You can vote once a day per account for the next two weeks. If you “like” the Facebook page we’ve set up for the contest, we will be sending daily vote reminders. That page can be found here.

Who knows, if we win this thing, we might even interview you!


Vote Early & Often!

I thank you in advance for your support.


Copyright © 2018 – Stephen S. Nazarian – All rights reserved.

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