October 26, 2015

Chapter Three – The Power Of The Clipboard

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This story shows how the simple appearance of power can be opportunity creating. The challenge at the end of this chapter was:

When you are fully committed to your goals and look like you know what you’re doing, the world will clear a path for you.

As you go through the days ahead, wipe your mind and heart of any uncertainty. If you want to actually grab a clipboard, go get one, they’re not expensive. You will be shocked at how roadblocks will just disappear before you.


Have you used the power of the clipboard. Tell us all about it – we promise not to turn you in.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter Three – The Power Of The Clipboard

  • Just heard your daughter on Alan Colmes show. Talk about keeping it classy! (like you requested for comments) What a smart, articulate and poised young woman she is. You should be proud.

    And she’s right… cool web site. Thanks!

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