October 26, 2015

Chapter Ten – The Hook

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What makes you, you? Have you every employed a hook? The challenge at the end of this chapter was:

Do you have a hook? If you don’t, you probably have something that is “your thing” that you could easily develop into one.


I knew a lady once who always wrapped gifts in the same peacock blue paper. No matter where she and her family went, her gifts stood out. It wasn’t a big thing, but it was her thing.


Find the thing that is your thing and don’t hide it – celebrate it, grow it, flaunt it.


If you’re not sure what your thing should be, ask a few close friends, family members or coworkers, they’ll tell you.


What is your hook? Do you have one, but never use it? All hook stories are to be shared below – be heard, get noticed.


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