October 26, 2015

Chapter Seven – One Way To Disarm A Bully

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This story illustrates how to disarm a bully by simply taking away his only weapon – fear. The challenge at the end of this chapter was:

We all have bullies in our lives. Think about the ones with which you must deal most often. Think about the interactions you have and your standard responses. Now change everything.


For each of the things you do regularly to deal with, avoid and manage this person – figure out what the opposite is. It will feel very strange, but start using these opposite approaches.


It might work immediately or it might take a while, or it may never have a meaningful effect. However, I can promise you this; a bully will never see it coming and at minimum you will enjoy watching him (or her) try and figure out just what the hell you’re up to. At the very least you will have changed the game and that is a step in the right direction.


Do you have a bully story? Most of us do and sharing is one of the best ways to break the cycle.


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