October 26, 2015

Chapter Nine – Good Boys Don’t Look In The Bag

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This is a crazy story about one of the worst jobs ever held by a teenager and how your gut will rarely lead you astray. The challenge at the end of this chapter was:

Do you listen to your gut, or do you ignore it like an annoying coworker or classmate? For the next week, ignore all the rational data and go with your gut every time is speaks up.


Think of your gut as a decision engine that has all the data from your entire life. It does not provide rationale or an argument, but rather it leads you like an experienced dancer.


You may end up doing things that others might consider wrong or reckless, but remember that your gut only flourishes if you do, so listen to it. It only wants what’s best for both of you


When did you ignore your gut and regret it? Perhaps you’ve had the opposite experience. Either way, we’d love to hear the story.


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