October 26, 2015

Chapter Eight – Hot Dog Death Row

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This story explores the value of the crazy idea. The challenge at the end of this chapter was:

How often do you not share an idea for fear it might be considered crazy or stupid? Do your kids every come to you with wacky ideas that you dismiss or discourage because they sound messy or (even worse) dangerous?


For the next week, resist the urge to quash crazy ideas, no matter the source. In fact I dare you to embrace them and enthusiastically see them through.


Most of them will be colossal failures, but maybe, just maybe one will work. At the very least you will learn a lot and have a ton of fun trying.


For every success, there are enumerable failures. Until you start failing, you’ll never see the success you’re after.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.12.36 AM

What is your crazy idea? No, seriously you must have one… spill it!


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