Shut Up

The Day I Finally Shut Up… and Saved My Own Life

Yesterday my wife and I celebrated our nineteenth wedding anniversary. Nineteen isn’t a round number, nor a significant one, but I will say that other than “not stop breathing” I’ve done nothing else continually for nineteen years.

Depending on which website you believe, my wife and I should have exchanged gifts of either jade or bronze yesterday. That did not happen, but we went out for a nice dinner and decided to give each other deposits into our kids’ 529 accounts.

Whenever anniversaries come around on the calendar, people often ask… “How did you guys meet?” Well, today I’m going to tell the story, how the first date almost didn’t happen, and how I almost completely blew it. […]


Tell Your Story

As most of you know, just after Christmas last year, we moved from Rochester, NY to Charlotte NC. The primary impetus for the move was my wife’s work. With that as an anchor, we have had to make many changes, adaptations and adjustments as a family.

A few months into our new life here in NC, I was looking around for something beyond work, house and family. I discovered a little group called Charlotte Storytellers and I began attending their weekly meetings. […]


Don’t Be The Bad Part

Regular readers of my writing know I like to tinker with cars. They also know life lessons tend to hide between the nuts, bolts, grease fittings and fan belts.

A little more than two months ago, my wife and I moved our family from Rochester, NY to Charlotte, NC for an amazing work opportunity. Around the same time, our oldest teenager earned her driver’s license. The confluence of these two events resulted in the acquisition of a third car. His name is Kenneth and he is a 2005 Volvo with 165,000 miles on him. […]

let it go

You don’t know… so let it go

In the short story The Necklace, Guy de Maupassant tells the story of a woman of modest means who borrows an expensive necklace from a friend. She wears it to a grand occasion, but then loses it on her way home. Not wanting to admit her irresponsibility to her friend, she borrows a huge sum of money to replace it.

It takes her ten years to pay off the debt, and in that time the experience ages her to the point where she is hardly recognizable as the same person. Not long after her decade of strife she learns the necklace she lost was a fake, worth only one-twentieth of the debt she had assumed.

It is a downer of a story, but I was reminded of it while thinking about another story. This one I actually witnessed first hand. The names have been changed to maintain some level of anonymity but I assure you this happened exactly as I am about to tell you. […]

Christmas Videos

This post was originally posted in 2015. Since then this story and these videos have generated a lot of attention. So, if you’ve seen them before, enjoy them again. If you’ve never seen them, well you’re in for a treat!

Yesterday we went to get our Christmas tree. As the man at the place came to cut down the tree for us, my daughter Charlotte pulled out her iPhone and said, “oh, let me get a video of this.” Four seconds later she was ready, and the tree was cut while her brothers cried out “TIMBER.”

The Naz Clan in front if the tree that moments later met its fate.

The Naz Clan in front of the tree that moments later met its holiday fate.

This little moment got me thinking about how far we have come with video technology. It literally took her four seconds to go from nothing to shooting HD video on a device that also does 1,000 other things. Years ago, my kids and I got involved in a little video at Christmastime and it involved something called tape (remember video tapes?) and way more time than four seconds.

So, grab your popcorn and get ready for the story of the three legendary Nazarian Christmas videos. […]