A Few Things Everyone Should Know About: Ties

Ties, so simple yet so misunderstood.

Welcome to the latest episode of “A Few Things Every Man Should Know About:” Every week this series will cover 3-4 interesting facts on a single topic.

This week we’re talking about ties.

No matter what you think you know – take a few minutes and have a look, you just might learn something. Even if you don’t, you’ll at least confirm that you already know a lot, which is always good for the ego. In the comments section, tell us topics you’d like to see covered. If you have info to add, please share that too.

This series is meant to start conversations, not just be a pile of facts

So, again this week we talk about Ties. Believe it or not, you could look even better than you already do. Watch, listen & learn!



A Few Things Everyone Should Know About: Meat

Welcome to the latest episode of A Few Things Everyone Should Know About. This week we’re talking about… meat.

Every week this series will cover 3-to-4 interesting facts on a single topic.No matter what you think you know – take a few minutes and have a look, you just might learn something.

Even if you don’t, you’ll at least confirm that you already know a lot, which is always good for the ego.In the comments section, tell us topics you’d like to see covered. If you have info to add, please share that too.

This series is meant to start conversations, not just be a pile of facts

This week we talk about meat. So, grab a fork and prepare to fire up the grill. We look forward to seeing you back here next week. And be sure and download the cheat sheet beneath the video. […]


A Few Things Everyone Should Know About: Cars

Two months ago, I began writing for a very popular website called The Good Men Project. My submissions have met with some success, but with their millions of readers, I was hoping for a little more traction.

I took some time, and did a little soul searching on how I could… do what I do, but at the same time rise above the noise. As is my custom, I came up with a clever approach and below you can see the result.

Since the website on which these pieces are initially published is The Good MEN Project, the series titles are man focused, but the information is useful for men, women, and everything in between. […]

White Guy Wrap

Right after college I moved back home to save money so I could move to New York City. The plan was to pursue a career in acting/directing/writing, and to do that I would need some cash in the bank. By December of 1991, I had enough socked away. I found an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and I prepared to move.

There is a store in Rochester, NY called The Boxman. As you might assume they sell boxes; new boxes, used boxes, packing materials, tape and anything you might need to go with your boxes. […]


For The Love Of Eggplant

As regular readers of this blog are aware, I like to cook. I do the vast majority of the cooking for our family and I have even been known to cater a party for more than 100 people from time to time.

Keeping the bellies of four teenagers full is no small task.

Not a day goes by without someone crying, “There is nothing to eat in this house!”

This is often within minutes of a full meal ending. I just walk away, finally understanding how Sisyphus felt. […]

Never Buy Expensive Cables (or cheap ones)

I had an experience with my wife’s car the other day that reminded me about this piece from 2014. I have updated the information and prices to be current for 2016. The bottom line (as I state below) is… it is ALWAYS the cable.

In 2016, you can walk into any Best Buy (or other similar store), and buy a 35”, HD, LCD, LED, Widescreen, Flat Panel television for less than $200. (The one above is only $199.) It hangs on your wall and weighs sixteen pounds. In 1996, I paid $2,000 for 35”, Square, Tube, Low-definition television that weighed more than 200 pounds. This is an amazing example of technological advancement, and price reduction, in fewer than two decades, especially when you consider that the $2,000 spent in 1996 has a 2014 value equivalent of $2,932. (you can look up that kind of thing HERE) […]


Teacher Appreciation Day

For this post, I decided to try something new. Although I have included all the words below, this post is presented primarily as a video. So, you can choose to read, but I hope you’ll watch the video and tell me what you think. I know it’s a little rough for a first effort, but I promise to improve as I go along. My plan is to do at least one video a month. Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. […]


The Terrible Twos

Yesterday my blog turned two. As I thought about the meaning of such an event, I was reminded of each of my children entering their respective third years of life.

Thoughts of the “terrible twos” made me both smile and cringe, but the more I mused on the similarities between what I have been doing and the growth of a child, the more excited I became about the year ahead. […]


A Special Kind Of Radio

The other day our 90-day family trial of Apple Music ended. My children were disappointed, as I would not be paying the $15/month to keep it alive. In this age of “small monthly payments” one has to draw the line somewhere.

I’ll be honest I liked it too. From the very beginning I enjoyed having access to nearly every song I could ever want to push into my headphones. I liked it so much I wrote about it in a post on November 30, called Remix.

As sad as we all were to see Apple Music go the way of the cassette tape (at least in our family), the other options we have are so numerous, the loss will ultimately be nary a blip on the musical radar of life. […]


Take A Chance, Save Some Cash

In recent weeks I have written about some heavy subjects, so today we’re going to have a little fun, and save some serious money, all while getting things done.

Growing up, my father was a regular reader of Consumer Reports magazine. He was a firm believer in the philosophy of the well-informed consumer. Many an appliance and car salesman would tremble when my Dad pulled the rolled-up issue of CR from his back pocket to close the deal. This level of being informed was more difficult before the Internet, but it taught me about the power of information when making purchasing decisions. […]


Cold Tile Floor

I wrote this piece last February, but as the first cold days come to Upstate NY, it is important to remember just how good we have it. enjoy!

This is a story about choices in bathroom remodeling… and life.

This past week marked the beginning of Lent. No matter your spiritual persuasion, most people know that Lent is the period for Christians that immediately precedes Easter.

Ask someone in New Orleans what Lent is and they’ll tell you “the end of Mardi Gras,” but that is another story entirely.

Lent possesses a great many details and traditions, but without exception the best-known Lenten practice is the “giving up” of something, for the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. […]

No Branch Grows Alone

This is a piece about politics, promises, and a healthy dose of reality.

I purchased my first house in November 1995. I spent the first winter fixing up the interior, but by the time spring rolled around, it became clear I would need to turn my attention to the yard.

The first summer, I cleared brush, trimmed trees and decided to re-route the gravel driveway. The driveway change was part of a longer-term plan to eventually build a garage.

The summer ended and as before, I spent the winter working inside. When spring came around again I began the process of clearing the part of my yard where the garage would go. Marking the outline of the building to be, the first things to go would be two trees. […]

Beyond The Shadow Of A Pine

A few weeks ago I learned that two golf courses, in my hometown of Penfield New York, are up for sale.

This may sound like no big deal. In a town of 36,000 people we have four golf courses, and several more in adjacent towns. On the surface this is simply luxury real estate changing ownership.

Except it’s not.

One of the golf courses, Shadow Lake, is being marketed as a golf course, but the other property, Shadow Pines is being offered for real estate development. The word on the street is that the 18-hole course could be turned into as many as 290 new houses.

This is a problem. […]

They Might Be

They Might Be Married

December 1995 was right in the thick of my twenties. On the 12th of the month I turned twenty-seven. Six weeks before, I purchased my very first house, where I lived with my two dogs: Sylvia and Jodi.

I was still working in the marketing department of Crest Audio in Paramus, NJ. I had a good life, a good job and great friends. I was lacking a girlfriend, but I figured that would sort itself out soon enough.

I have written before about how my job in the pro audio industry afforded me many opportunities to see concerts in all sorts of venues. One of these venues was a club called Tramps, at 51 West 21st Street in New York City. […]

Find Something That Fits

When our kids were younger, we used to go to church on Christmas Eve. Our church has a regular weekly attendance around 1,200 however, on Christmas Eve the number of folks who kneel in the pews swells to over 5,000.

To the regular attendees of Christian churches, these extra 3,800 people are often labeled the “C & Es,” which of course stands for “Christmas & Easter.” […]