And Now For Something Completely Different

If you’ve ever watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus, then you know where from the title comes. For more than four years, the pages of this blog have been filled with mostly writing, and a smattering of video. Today I bring you something else entirely, a serial story podcast.

Earlier this year I began doing some performance work with a new creative group called Cartage Theatre which produces live radio plays complete with hands-on sound effects.

This experience led to me being asked to perform on a this serial podcast about a gumshoe detective named Samwell Sift in a zombie apocalypse. We rehearsed and recorded this summer, and now it is available to listen on several platforms (see links below).


It really is a fun throwback to the days when the most sophisticated entertainment came only from the radio and entered only through your ears. The overall experience is limited only by your imagination, and the quality of the acting, which I can assure you is exemplary.

So, listen on the website, or on Soundcloud or download it to your device via iTunes. I promise you’ll enjoy it!

Website Link

Soundcloud Link

iTunes Link

There are additional exciting things on my creative horizon, so stay tuned.

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