Never Buy Expensive Cables (or cheap ones)

I had an experience with my wife’s car the other day that reminded me about this piece from 2014. I have updated the information and prices to be current for 2016. The bottom line (as I state below) is… it is ALWAYS the cable.

In 2016, you can walk into any Best Buy (or other similar store), and buy a 35”, HD, LCD, LED, Widescreen, Flat Panel television for less than $200. (The one above is only $199.) It hangs on your wall and weighs sixteen pounds. In 1996, I paid $2,000 for 35”, Square, Tube, Low-definition television that weighed more than 200 pounds. This is an amazing example of technological advancement, and price reduction, in fewer than two decades, especially when you consider that the $2,000 spent in 1996 has a 2014 value equivalent of $2,932. (you can look up that kind of thing HERE) […]

With Or Without Sprinkles?

My wife comes from a large family. She is number eleven in a full-dozen children born to two loving parents, over a span of more than two decades.

There are eight girls and four boys who, after getting married and doing the things that married people do, produced forty-two grand children; my son Lawrence being the youngest of the generation. […]


Teacher Appreciation Day

For this post, I decided to try something new. Although I have included all the words below, this post is presented primarily as a video. So, you can choose to read, but I hope you’ll watch the video and tell me what you think. I know it’s a little rough for a first effort, but I promise to improve as I go along. My plan is to do at least one video a month. Enjoy, and as always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. […]


The Terrible Twos

Yesterday my blog turned two. As I thought about the meaning of such an event, I was reminded of each of my children entering their respective third years of life.

Thoughts of the “terrible twos” made me both smile and cringe, but the more I mused on the similarities between what I have been doing and the growth of a child, the more excited I became about the year ahead. […]


Dr. Seuss For President

Below is a piece I first published almost two years ago. However, it is perhaps more relevant today than it was back then. I have updated it slightly, but the point is exactly the same.

One day I was driving my daughter to her job volunteering at the hospital. As we drove, we ended up stopping at a light where we were positioned on a bridge over an Interstate.  As we sat, a stream of traffic coming off the Interstate crossed in front of us and then over the bridge to our left. Several of the vehicles were large trucks.

As the trucks crossed over from the land to the bridge, there was a palpable vibration in the bridge. It was strong enough that my daughter turned to me with a panicked look in here eye and said, “is the bridge going to break?” […]