A Special Kind Of Radio

The other day our 90-day family trial of Apple Music ended. My children were disappointed, as I would not be paying the $15/month to keep it alive. In this age of “small monthly payments” one has to draw the line somewhere.

I’ll be honest I liked it too. From the very beginning I enjoyed having access to nearly every song I could ever want to push into my headphones. I liked it so much I wrote about it in a post on November 30, called Remix.

As sad as we all were to see Apple Music go the way of the cassette tape (at least in our family), the other options we have are so numerous, the loss will ultimately be nary a blip on the musical radar of life. […]


The Big Picture

When I was a little, we used to get a kid-focused science magazine every month. I don’t remember what it was called or where it came from, but I do remember my favorite feature.

Every month, on the back cover, would be eight photographs. They were not normal photos however. These were extreme close-up images of common things and the challenge to the elementary school audience was to figure out what each one was. […]


Take A Chance, Save Some Cash

In recent weeks I have written about some heavy subjects, so today we’re going to have a little fun, and save some serious money, all while getting things done.

Growing up, my father was a regular reader of Consumer Reports magazine. He was a firm believer in the philosophy of the well-informed consumer. Many an appliance and car salesman would tremble when my Dad pulled the rolled-up issue of CR from his back pocket to close the deal. This level of being informed was more difficult before the Internet, but it taught me about the power of information when making purchasing decisions. […]

Thirty-Five Degrees Of Coffee Lid Separation

We are all familiar with the expression anything worth doing, is worth doing right.  Most situations are not black and white, so I’m a much bigger fan of the slightly different version that goes, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. This is not to say that simply trying is good enough, but rather that each set of circumstances typically defines “right” differently.

There is however a situation out there that has bothered me for years, and this particular thing is simple as right and wrong, to pretty much everyone. […]


Cold Tile Floor

I wrote this piece last February, but as the first cold days come to Upstate NY, it is important to remember just how good we have it. enjoy!

This is a story about choices in bathroom remodeling… and life.

This past week marked the beginning of Lent. No matter your spiritual persuasion, most people know that Lent is the period for Christians that immediately precedes Easter.

Ask someone in New Orleans what Lent is and they’ll tell you “the end of Mardi Gras,” but that is another story entirely.

Lent possesses a great many details and traditions, but without exception the best-known Lenten practice is the “giving up” of something, for the forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. […]

Do You Know The Score?

I have written before about the purchase of my first house in 1995. One of the things that I have not mentioned is this… I lived for the better part of a year without television.

My house was approximately fifty miles northwest of New York City, in Greenwood Lake, NY, but it was in the shadow of a mountain. Although I lived within range of many TV signals pouring out of The Big Apple, the mountain blocked the signal. Cable and satellite TV were not in my budget, so from November 1995 until August 1996 I had no live TV in my house. […]