A Heads Up Would Have Been Nice

A few decades ago, before cell phones, GPS and all the tricky technology we count on today, a new mall opened up somewhere out west.

The mall was enormous. The building itself was grand in size, but the parking lots surrounding it were even larger. The architecture of the mall was spectacular, but such was the design that the building looked nearly identical from every approach.

Before it opened, the owners of the mall realized it would be very easy for a shopper to lose their car in the expansive lots. Making matters worse, if they happened to exit the mall from a door different from the one where they had entered, the lack of distinguishing qualities in the building design would lead to people getting even more lost.

So, in anticipation of this problem, the mall hired a team of highly trained parking lot attendants to assist shoppers should they be unable to find their car. The team drove up and down the lanes of the parking lots in golf carts looking for wayward shoppers. […]