End Of An Era

Yesterday, as I drove to pick up my daughter from Penfield High School, I noticed something. More specifically I noticed the absence of something. A building that over the years (as far as I can remember it) had been home to: A hair salon Pen-Deli Raisman’s Ice Cream & Sandwiches Penfield Pizzeria Some kind of[…]

Czech’s Party Mix

One Christmas in the 1990s, I made a collection of mix tapes for my sister Sarah. Having more time than money, this was the prefect way to give a meaningful gift without breaking the bank.

I think there were six of them covering the whole spectrum of available music at the time and I remember giving each tape a creative title. One tape, made up of predominantly bands from Eastern Europe I called Czech’s Party Mix – I thought I was horribly clever.

Around the same time, I was somewhat involved with my friend Mick’s band. Mick and I had worked together at a software company, and after I left to go work for Crest Audio, a few months later I hired Mick to join me there.

I do not play any rock-n-roll instruments and after a single gig in college (that did not go well) the universe decided my singing skills do not belong on the popular music stage. My use of the word “involved” was intentional because I was not actually in the band, but rather the person who helped lug the gear and twiddle the knobs. I was basically a roadie and the sound guy. […]