More Than One

We have all struggled at one time or another to remember something. From the list of all US presidents that all school children are forced to ingest, to the “down cards” in a hand of stud poker, the human brain isn’t really wired to remember things forcibly.

Of course there are the things we can’t forget ranging from a car crash we saw happen to the jingle on the radio for the attorney you should call if you were involved in said crash. If you live in Rochester NY, I guarantee you can tell me who will answer the phone if you call 454-2020, not because you want to, but because you have no choice.

Clearly there are ways into the permanent memory locations of the mind, but on the surface they seem involuntary, beyond our control. The good news is that isn’t actually true. There are ways to easily remember any information and they are counter to almost everything we have been taught and most of what we do. […]