Easter Dinner

This is a story about pork, but not the traditional Easter ham with which you are all familiar.

I have mentioned it before, but I will say it again for the purpose of this story. My wife Emily is a pediatrician. She is not however the kind of pediatrician that we all saw as kids for regular check-ups and vaccinations. She is a critical care pediatrician, which means she works in a PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) where she cares for critically ill children of all ages. The PICU is often confused with the NICU which is where sick newborns and preemies go for special attention, but she does not take care of newborns. […]


I used to hate gym class. From my first exposure to physical education in kindergarten, right through graduation from high school, the time spent sweating with my classmates mid-school day, was never a pleasant experience for me.

My elementary school gym teacher was a regimented fellow named Joe Reiners. Mr. Reiners ran a tight ship and was fully committed to delivering both halves of gym class: both physical activity and education. […]

Jamestown Milk

My Mother is an only child and my Father has only one brother. So, in the realm of the typical extended family, my experience was limited to a single uncle and a small handful of cousins in New Jersey.

What my mother’s family lacked in adjacent generations, they made up for in another way. My Mother’s Mother was one of six children, providing my siblings and me with an army of Great Aunts and Uncles. In the absence of any family members close to me in age, it was my great aunts and uncles with whom we spent many a holiday. […]