Be The Sea

This post is the last in a series called “500 Words To Save The World.” For each piece, I used exactly 500 words to address a problem. Later this week I will be returning to my longer format, and I have long list of great stories to bring you. Until then, enjoy this tenth installment of short solutions to the greatest human challenges. You may start counting words… now!


I am writing from an eastbound Amtrak train.

The musician Jill Sobule said, “there’s something about a train,” and on this point I must agree. Like attending a live baseball game, a train forces you to slow down and accept its pace for what it is. It might be on time and it might not, but in the end, you will get there when the train does; nothing you do is going to change that.

Last week I purchased digital versions of some music I once had on cassette. I say “had” (not owned) because I never paid for these albums before. It felt good to toss these artists a few bucks after enjoying their work for decades. […]