Time Is Divisible, Squirrels Are Not!


It is no secret to regular readers of this blog, that my wife and I have four, rather closely spaced children.

This “tight grouping” has had both advantages and disadvantages over the years, but since we don’t really know any better, it is the life we live.

One of the things we have always done is speak to our children, using normal adult language. We never really used “baby talk” and once they were at all conversant, we never dumbed-down our lexicon. We have always spoken to them as we would any other fully developed human, and as a result, all four of them have a functional vocabulary far beyond their years. […]

Fate Appreciates Irony

I’m going to tell you a story that may seem to ramble at first, but stick with me, it will all make sense in the end.

In the summer of 1985 I traveled to (what was then known as) West Germany with fifteen other teenagers on a five-week exchange student trip. We flew from Rochester, to New York JFK, then to Frankfurt and one final flight to Düsseldorf where we met our host families. […]

Toilet Tank Microbrew


My wife and I were married in May 1999. In the summer of that same year, we had the sad experience of losing a child to a miscarriage. Fortunately however not long after, we found ourselves expecting once again. In June 2000, our daughter Charlotte was born.

Charlotte was an absolutely delightful newborn, sleeping through the night only days after coming home. She was cute, well mannered and did not interrupt the routine of our year-old marriage the way a new baby typically would. […]

The Self Cleaning Bathroom

When we purchased our home in 2002, we had two children and a third on the way. At that time, five bedrooms and two and a half baths seemed like more space than we could ever use. The idea that some day it might not be enough room seemed, well, silly.

At the time we moved in, our oldest (Charlotte) was two, and number two (Lewis) was one. Oliver would be born when Lewis was one and a half, and our fourth (Lawrence) would come around fourteen months after Oliver.

Okay, so we had four kids in three and a half years; I was there, you don’t need to tell me how crazy it sounds. That said, having four children so close together you don’t really get a sense for how much space they will need when they get bigger. […]

Imperfect Memories

They say that we humans remember stories and experiences much more readily than we do facts. On this point I must agree completely and here’s why.

I used to spend hundreds of hours memorizing facts and figures for classes in high school and college. Even when invested enough time in studying, I could never quite memorize all the material, and as a result, I rarely achieved a perfect score on such tests. […]