Let It Ride

Last Saturday morning we were driving on the highway in our 2007 Kia Sedona minivan. I was at the wheel, Emily was riding shotgun and all four children were in the back. As we drove, we noticed an annoying clicking/rubbing sound coming out of the front of the car.

Emily and I noticed it at almost the same time because, without saying a word, we both started moving our hands around the dashboard trying to find the source of the rattle. […]

If They Did The Math

In 1999, my wife Emily and I purchased our first home together just before our wedding in May of that year.

It was a cute little Cape Cod style home on a quiet street in Penfield, NY, with lots of trees and gardens in the yard. (see picture at the top of the page)

Since we shopped for, and purchased the house in early spring, we really had no idea what the yard would look like come summer. Once things started to sprout, bloom and leaf out, we noticed something odd. The majestic forty foot tree in the middle of the back yard had no leaves. […]

The Power Is Real

In 1969, my parents moved from Missouri where my dad had been stationed in the Army, to our first house in Penfield, NY. It was a cute little house on a circular, dead-end street where kids could play without any fear of speeding cars.

One summer evening my father returned home from a full day at his pediatric practice. After hugging his almost three-year-old, and six-month-old sons, he asked my mother about her day. My mother described the details of a normal day and then added “oh, and this nice young man stopped by selling magazines.”

“Did you buy any?” asked my father. “In fact I did,” replied mom. “I got a great deal on a subscription to Parents Magazine.”

“Parents Magazine?!?” my father exclaimed in disbelief. “You do know that I’m a board certified pediatrician, right?” […]

Don’t Let Anyone Feel Under-demeciated

How long did it take you to learn your job? How many years of your job did it take you to learn your industry?

I’m willing to bet that whatever it is that you do, you are still learning new and important things every day.

My job these days is heading up new business development for a video production and editing company. I have been in related industries before and I am a better-than-average amateur when it comes to video, but I have never had this particular set of responsibilities in this industry. I am learning new things by the hour. […]

Half My Age Will Be Fine

<<UPDATE>> Yesterday the six Nazarians ran the Wallkill Turkey Trot in Middletown, NY.  The family baton has been passed, as the order of finish was: Oliver, Lewis, Me, Lawrence (not far behind), Charlotte and Emily. It was a great way to start Thanksgiving day and a tradition we plan on continuing.

The six running Nazarians

The six running Nazarians


The other day I competed in one of the 5K road races I run every year. It is called the East Avenue Grocery Run and it raises both money and collects non-perishable food for local charities.

In addition to the great cause, it is also one of the flattest and fastest courses I have ever run, so each year it offers a no excuses measurement of where I am as a runner.

When I started running in middle school, time was not as big a deal as place. Although we did keep track of times all through high school, it was where you placed in a race that mattered to us most, since the statement “I won” is a lot more fun to say than “I ran a xx:xx,” especially when talking to a non-runner. […]