Most Companies Don’t Suck

Recently, I’ve had a bad run of luck with things breaking around me. In this age of complex products, online shopping and the resulting “shipping of everything,” products are bound to show up damaged or (as the British say) “go horribly pear-shaped” from time to time, but the last several weeks have been particularly bad.

Earlier this week I wrote about the broken transfer case in my car. What I did not mention in that story was that when the replacement part first arrived, it had clearly been damaged in shipping. When I called the company from which I purchased it, they expressed their apologies for the problem and promised to send out a replacement. However, when I explained that I had already taken my car apart and needed to it back on the road ASAP, they offered to send the new part overnight at their own expense. […]

I Did Not Get To “Come On Down!”

A few weeks ago I attended an event at WNYC (New York City’s NPR station) sponsored by the Freakonomics organization.  It was a game show of sorts called Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, and having applied, I was excited to have been chosen as a contestant.

As the day of the event drew closer, they revealed more information about how things would work, and it was at this point that I learned it was going to be more of a “Price Is Right” format. By this I mean that they vetted several contestants, but only a few would be chosen to come on stage. […]

How To Build A Book

Howdy Folks,

As I have been telling you, I am in the middle of editing the more than 100,000 words I’ve written on the blog into a book.  Of course I’ve never done this before so I am making it up as  I go along.

Below you will see my dining room table filled with cards.  Each card represents one of my blog posts.  There are seventy-nine of them. […]