Compromise Or Full Potential – You Have A Choice.

When I was twelve years old, I built my first speaker. I had taken apart broken toy police car (to see what was inside of course) and one the parts was a small round speaker. I first hooked the two wires up to a 9-volt battery to see what would happen. All I got was a dull buzzing noise. After playing around for a little while I remembered that my dad had strung a wire from the family stereo down into the basement. I disconnected his speaker and hooked up my little cop car part.

Of course it sounded terrible. I looked at my speaker, and the one I had just disconnected, and concluded that mine lacked a cabinet. I ventured deeper into the basement, found an old shoebox and some masking tape and constructed my first speaker box, or what I now know is technically referred to as an enclosure. […]