The Perc Test

While shopping for my first house in 1995 I learned about something called a “Perc Test.” I was considering building a new house on a piece of raw property without access to sewers, and before you can even consider such a thing you need a Perc Test. “Perc” is short for percolation and it has to do with how quickly water will drain through your soil.

If you intend to build a house with a septic system, the perc test will quickly tell you if that is even possible. If your soil does not sufficiently perc, your septic system will never work right and you will live a life of smelly, backed-up plumbing. Banks and real estate agents learned a long time ago that it is difficult to sell a house with a bad septic system, so before they even let you make an offer on a piece of property you must perform a perc test. […]