Dual Air Bags


Back in the 1980s and 1990s, cars did not come standard with 28+ air bags like they do now. Federal regulations required that all cars manufactured in the 1983 model year and later have a “passive restraint” system for the driver. Sometimes this was an airbag and sometimes this was one of those “mad mouse” seatbelts that automatically came up the side of the window and over the driver’s shoulder. The federal regs however had no love for the passenger, so when a car manufacturer was feeling generous, they would advertise that their car had “Dual Airbags.”

This expression became part of the American lexicon for a good 15 years. During the Clinton presidency, there was a bumper sticker with a picture of Bill and Hillary annotated with the “Dual Airbags” label. Regardless of your political ideology, it was a funny sticker. […]