Fast Life – Slow Cooker

When my wife and I met in our late twenties, we discovered that there was a substantial chasm in our respective cooking skills. Basically, I knew how to cook and she did not. Now, there are a few things she does very well… she makes incredible meatballs and a killer homemade mac-n-cheese. But that’s pretty much it. She bakes very well and often, but for daily dinner, you can pretty much count her out. […]


(Don’t Fear) The Re-pair

Our house came with a banana-yellow, General Electric, side-by-side refrigerator.  This would normally have bothered us, but it was ensconced in a kitchen made up of similarly yellow counter tops and wallpaper.  When we bought the house we had two kids under the age of two and a third, just two months away.  The yellow fridge kept our stuff cold… so it stayed.

Despite the poor color choice of the purchaser, that particular model is known to be so well made that they run for decades.  So, one day when I came home to the news that things in the fridge were not cold, my first thought was to not even believe it. […]