Sometimes it is just that simple

Remember before the Internet and, how we would tell each other stories and simply believe them because they were plausible, but not necessarily prove-able?  It was a lot like a giant version of the “telephone game” we used to play in elementary school.  Each time the story passed through one set of ears, brains and lips it would change just a little.  So, by the time the story got to you, it was probably well evolved from the original.  The best part is, you didn’t care.  The story being told was the story you heard, and that was good enough. […]

Puff Pastry Daddy

I like to cook.  For as long as I’ve been allowed to fire-up a burner I have enjoyed the process of taking a pile of disparate ingredients and turning them into something both healthful and delicious.  In my 20’s I cooked for myself.  When I got married I cooked for two and then three, four, five and six.  I have cooked dinner parties of ten to twelve and Thanksgiving for twenty.

However, when my wife approached me to cook for her holiday work party it sounded like fun – until she told me it would be for 120 people. […]

Whack whack, Vroom vroom!

In the late 1990s I worked for an IT consulting firm in Manhattan.  The company employed two types of people, account executives who served customers (what I did) and recruiters who found the consulting talent.  Recruiters were usually hired right out of college and to find them we would travel to different colleges to recruit… well, recruiters. […]